You'll have to reset your password if:
  1. You've made a forgotten password request
  2. You want to change your password yourself
  3. Your account has been reset or unlocked by an account administrator
  4. The system requires you to reset your password periodically (every 90 days for example)
You'll receive an email from the system which includes a link address for you to follow. Click on the link:
You'll be sent to the Reset Password page
Complete the new password section, making sure the New Password and Confirm New Password input is exactly the same. Advice on password complexity is included on the Reset Password page. Complete the Memorable Answer as well. Please note that the Memorable Answer is case sensitive.
If you have successfully reset your password you will see the Password updated message. 
Click on the Log In button and try your new password.
If you need further help try the following links:
If you have managed to reset your password, but then can still not login you may need to reset your password again. Check this article for further advice: