Guidance Documents

Conditions in BridgeStation are based upon UK national guidance including:
Bridge Condition Indicators Volume 2
Guidance Note on Bridge Inspection Reporting
On behalf of: CSS Bridges Group (2002)
Addendum (2004)
Bridge Condition Indicators Volume 3
Guidance Note on Evaluation Of Bridge Condition Indicators
On behalf of: CSS Bridges Group (2002)
Addendum (2004)
Guidance Document for Performance Measurement of Highway Structures (supersedes Volume 2)
Part B1: Condition Performance Indicator
Report prepared on behalf of: Highways Agency, CSS Bridges Group (2007)

Sources of Condition Information on BridgeStation

The Bridge Condition Index (BCI) is calculated automatically in BridgeStation based upon:

Only certain inspections are included in the BCI calculation. Inspection type and the inspection's signoff status may mean element conditions are not included in the BCI calculation. A typical configuration is shown below;
Principal (PI)      
General (GI)      
Special (SPI)      
Superficial (SUI)*      
* superficial inspections are excluded from the BCI calculations
** your authority's exact configuration may differ from the above, contact BridgeStation Support for more details.

Condition Calculations

BridgeStation will report the BCI Average and Critical for each structure. For more information see here: Condition (BCI) - Average and Critical Calculations

Viewing the Latest Condition on the Structure Summary

The Structure Summary displays the structure's latest condition (BCI Average and BCI Critical) along with the Last Inspection date.
The BCI Average and BCI Critical shown will normally match the results from the Last Inspection. However, this is not always the case, corrected defects or archived elements may affect the results.

Viewing Detailed Structure Condition Information

Click the Condition (BCI) menu item on the Structure menu to view detailed condition information including Latest Element Condition Scores, Condition Scores Weighted by Span, Individual Span Conditions and Element Condition History.
Read more about this here: Condition (BCI) - Structure Condition