Condition (BCI) - Structure Condition

For an introduction to Conditions on BridgeStation, please see: Condition (BCI) - Introduction

Click on the Condition (BCI) Structure menu item to the left.

Latest Element Condition Score

The Latest Element Condition Score tab shows the current condition scoring for the structure. It includes a grid showing the latest condition result for each element.

Latest Condition and Inherited Conditions

Note that an element's condition might not always be from the last inspection. Below the Foundations (8) were last inspected in 2013 and not inspected during the 2015 inspection. The 2013 condition is inherited and still used in the BCI calculation.

Please note superficial inspection results aren't taken into consideration on these tabs.

The Structure Condition (BCI Average and BCI Critical) values are then displayed in a table to the right. These values are calculated according to the UK guidance. You can read more about this here: Condition (BCI) - Average and Critical

Below this are the Condition Scores Weighted by Span


and Individual Span Conditions

Note the Condition Scores Weighted by Span and Individual Span Conditions will only show if the structure is a multi-span structure.

Element Condition History

The Element Condition History tab will show all the inspection results available for a structure.