BridgeStation Update 2016 - User Interface Improvements, Structure Files and Standard Reports Upgrades

The 2016 BridgeStation update includes three main improvements along with other minor bug fixes.

User Interface Improvements

The menu system has been redesigned and simplified. The Action Menu now includes sub-menu items. You may need to mouse over a few menu items to find the module you are looking for.
On some pages the actions menu won't display, but its still available via the Options Button top-left. 
Getting support is now via the Support link top-right.

Structure Files Upgrade

Also included is an upgrade to the way BridgeStation stores and presents your Structure Files. Gone are the three photographs, document and drawing tabs. Instead you can access all your relevant files through one page. Click on the Files item in the new Structure Menu.
If you are working on an inspection form, you can get to the inspection folder to upload your photos and documents by clicking the Inspection Files tab.
You can learn more about the Structure Files Upgrade here:

Standard Reports

Finally there is an update to the standard reports module. These are pre-loaded reports
You can read more about the reports here: