To browse the files (documents, photos and drawings) attached to a particular structure, first open the structure record you are interested in.

Click on Files in the Structure Menu to browse for files attached to your structure.

From here a hierarchical folder system is provided to organise these files.

The first thing you will see is the list of Default folders. These folders are denoted by the following folder icon  and have been set up as a template that is applied to all structures.

These Default folders  have a number of restrictions applied to them. You can't for example rename, move or delete them. You are also not permitted to create new Default folders, but are permitted to add User-defined folders to certain parts of the folder hierarchy.

These User-defined folders have a different icon  and can be added to any hierarchy level where the Create Folder... is activated.

Click on a folder name to open that folder. You will be presented with the folder contents, the grid below shows any files available.

From here you can Modify Files
To download a file, click on the File Name.
To view a file click the View Online button. This will open the file and display it within the browser.