Inspections - Structure Inspections

Click the Inspections menu item on the Structure menu to view a structure's planned inspections, existing inspections and add new inspections if required.
Inspections that have already been scheduled will appear in the Planned Inspections section. When you are ready, click the Open Inspection link to start working on a CSS Inspection. You can find instructions on completing a CSS Inspection Proforma here.
Inspections that are being drafted, along with those that have been submitted for sign off will appear in the Actual Inspections section.
Both Planned and Draft Inspections can have their scheduling information edited by those with appropriate permissions. Click the Edit Icon next to the inspection to modify the inspection type or planned date.
They can also be deleted if required. Click the Delete Icon next the inspection.

Click OK when the confirmation message appears to remove the scheduled inspection.

Once an inspection has been submitted, it is no longer possible to edit the inspection type or planned date, nor can it be deleted. The Edit and Delete Icons are no longer available for these inspections.

If you need to edit an inspection's Planned Date or Type after the inspection has been submitted, or even after it has been accepted, you will first have to set the inspection back to Draft Status. 

You can read more about Updating the Status here:

If you need to schedule a new inspection, click the Add/Schedule Structure Inspection button.
Select an Inspection Type and specify a Planned Date and click the Schedule & Open Inspection Form button or Schedule Inspection button. If you need to specific special inspections for the inspector an input box is provided.
You can manage your authority's annual inspection programme with the Inspection Programme module. More information here.