Elements 1 - Accessing the element hierarchy

To view a structure's elements, start by opening the structure you are interested in. Click Elements on the Structure menu

The element hierarchy will be shown.
There are four different possible hierarchy levels. The structure's current hierarchy level is displayed in brackets next to the Elements folder label. For example (1C2B (Multi Span/Construction Form))
Level Name Description
1A Structure Type A element hierarchy without any sub-divisions. All elements are stored within one elements folder
1B Super/Sub Structure Elements are divided automatically between the superstructure and substructure folders
1C Span/Construction Form Useful for multi span structures, each element must be attributed to a span or other alternative construction form
1B1C Super/Sub Structure and Span/Construction Form A mixture of 1B and 1C. The superstructure folder can be further sub-divided into spans/construction forms
There are six sub folders. These folders are described below.
Folder Description
Carried Crossed Obstacles carried and or crossed can be stored here.
Spans/Walls/Gantrys Dimension data is held against Spans and Walls(Panel on Retaining Walls).
CSS Elements Elements that are part of the BCI calculation are stored in this folder.
Other Elements Non-CSS elements are held in this folder. These elements allow you to describe you structure further, but are not part of the BCI process.
Action Required Whilst creating consistent inventories elements may need to be removed. Those elements are placed in this folder.

From here you can Modify the element hierarchy for this structure.