BridgeStation Service - System Specification and Requirements

Service Summary

BridgeStation Web Edition is web-based bridge management system (BMS) owned by the London Bridges Engineering Group (LoBEG). The BMS and its associated support service are supplied by FSW IT Solutions Limited, who has exclusive rights to develop, maintain and market the system.

To deliver the solution FSW maintains a database server and a file server. Each new installation of BridgeStation gets its own unique database. FSW publish a website to the internet where users can access the application.

Site Information
System Email Notifications:[email protected]
Support Email Notifications:
Enquiry Email Notifications:      [email protected]
[email protected]
Database Name:BridgeStation_Client Name
RDBMS Version:2008
Physical Location
Hosting type:Cloud-based
Name of cloud supplier:
NaviSite Europe Ltd
Physical location of cloud servers:
Goldsworth Park Trading Estate
Kestrel Way
GU21 3BA 
System Requirements
BridgeStation isn’t software you need to install.
Instead, it runs on the browser you normally use to access web pages on the internet.
Supported Browsers:For best results we recommend you use the latest version (but not a beta version) of your browser. We support:
• Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or newer (PC)
• Microsoft Edge (PC)
• Safari (Mac)
• Google Chrome (PC and Mac)
• Opera (PC and Mac)
Mobile Browsers:BridgeStation has not been optimised for mobile browsers, however generally BridgeStation will work on most devices and you’ll get best results with the default browser for your device:
• All iOS devices(iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) - any browser
• All Android devices - any browser
Mobile Inspection Application:The BridgeStation Mobile application allows you to inspect your structures on a mobile device.
Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and newer 
iOS 10.3 and newer 
More Info: here
Activating JavaScript:You’ll have to adjust your settings once for the browser you are using (unless your computer is on a company network that does not have JavaScript enabled by default and your browser settings are regularly reset).
If you haven’t changed your browser’s default settings it’s unlikely you’ll need to do this.
Screen Resolution:Super VGA (1024x768 resolution) or higher with colour quality of at least 256 colours
Install Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight:Flash and Silverlight are browser add-ons that are used to display some interactive graphs and reports. To see all graphs and reports in BridgeStation, install the Flash player if you haven’t already, or update your Flash player if you have a version that’s earlier than 8.