Life Cycle Planner - Cost Calculations for Scheme Preliminaries

Preliminaries are considered to cover the following:

• Site set up / take down;
• Site facilities (stores, offices, servicing etc.);
• Temporary works;
• Contractor’s overheads (site overheads and percentage of head office, staff training, back office staff salaries);
• Contractor margin;
• Contractor’s site vehicles;
• Travel expenses;
• Bonus payments;
• Site information boards;
• Progress photos;
• Scheme registration (considerate contractors);
• Landfill costs / skip licences;
• Licences.

Preliminaries do not include site clearance or work associated with contaminated land, both of which are covered under Other Costs instead. By default Preliminaries cost are calculated as a percentage of Works + TM + Scheme's Engineering Difficulty costs.

Works+TM+Scheme Eng Diff Cost

Additional Cost for Preliminaries







£1,000,000 +