Life Cycle Plans - Viewing/Editing Maintenance Works

Life Cycle Plans are created during the SAMPT scenario analysis.
When you open up the SAMPT scenario there is a tab called 13) Life Cycle Plans.

Below this will be the the deterioration profile. Here you will see a list of all of the elements, their starting conditions along with their colour coded deterioration profile.

To add maintenance works

1. Click on one of the cells where you want to make an intervention (as shown below).
This will open the Details of Maintenance Works dialog

2. Define the After Maintenance Condition.  In the Details of Maintenance Works dialog you can use the drop downs to define the after maintenance condition for the element. Alternatively you can accept the default after maintenance values (see below).

3. Add Maintenance Work Actions. Below the Maintenance Condition section you can add Maintenance Work Actions. Use the input boxes and drop downs to add Action No / Work Type / Qty / Unit Unit Rate (£) as well as a Description. Click the Add button to update the maintenance works. You can add multiple Maintenance Work Actions to the same intervention.

4. Adding Engineering Difficulty Add-on Costs to Maintenance Work Actions. To add add on costs for engineering difficulty first go to the Add on Cost (Eng Difficulty) column for an action that has already been added. Click on the cost value (see below) to open the Engineering Difficulty details dialog .


Next make use of the drop-downs and check boxes to select the relevant engineering difficulties and click Save to recalculate the Add-on Cost. If you need to add a user defined engineering difficulty cost you can still do so by using the User Defined 'Add-on' Cost field and providing a reason in the box below (see example below).

5. Saving your Maintenance Works Actions. Once you are happy with your Maintenance Work Actions and any engineering difficulty details, click the Save button and then the Close button to return to the deterioration profile.

Once you have recorded all of your maintenance work interventions you can then manage your scheme costs for a particular year.