To start amending an existing bid, from the Key Financials page click on the Amend an existing bid link on the left-hand Actions menu under Borough Key Financials.

If you are on the Key Financials page you can also click the Amend existing bid button at the top.

A dialog box will open and you will be presented with Step 1: a list of existing bids for the borough. Click on the structure name to start amending the bid.

From here you can adjust the bid details and resubmit the bid. The steps are:

Review the structure details
Review and Update the assessments, interim measures and inspections
Complete the Scheme Details.
At the top of this step you can adjust the scheme type if you need to , then provide a detailed description and brief justification, as well as Start and End Dates for the scheme.
Then complete the Scheme Cost Profile. Enter this in the grid provided. Include future year’s figures or select the check box for Scheme will be completed this financial year.

Once you've completed these steps, click the Resubmit button to amend the bid.