Inspections - Adding missing elements to a form

The elements available on an inspection form are based on the elements applied to the structure. You can add missing elements to a structure's element hierarchy and then update your inspection form.
First, click on Elements on the Structure Menu.
Click the Edit an existing compliant inventory option on the Modify Inventory section of the page.

To add a missing element, first be aware that the elements available depend upon the folder or icon selected on the left. In the example below the Span icon must be left clicked first.
Now tick the check box next to each element you wish to add and click the << Add button.
With the missing elements now on the element hierarchy, click Inspections on the Structure Menu,
locate the inspection you were working on and open it
Now click the Update Element list button just above the Element Conditions grid.
The element conditions grid will update and show the recently added element on the form.