Maintenance Prioritisation (VFM) 4 – Scheme Option Analysis and Selection (Tier 3)

To begin scheme option analysis, first click on the Prioritisation (VfM) item under Planning & Maintenance on the Actions Menu.
Check the previous articles on Tiers 1 and 2. The tiers can be used independently of each other. However it is generally expected that structures/elements identified in the first two tiers will have scheme options applied.
Click on the Scheme Option Analysis and Selection (Tier 3) option link under the Prioritisation and Optimisation section.
The Tier 3 page will open. A grid will display showing all the existing structures that have had schemes applied to them. It is assumed that the analysis of the maintenance programme is being done for the next financial year. You can adjust the Financial Year drop down to view schemes for other years.
Existing schemes can be exported with the Export Data button. If your structure isn't showing in the list, it will need to be added via the Add Structure Wizard button.
This will open up the wizard which will guide you through a series of screens to set up the structure for scheme prioritisation. You can use the filters at the top near the header to locate the structure you are interested in. Click the option button to the left of the structure. 
Then click the Next (Review Structure Data) button bottom right. Complete each step of the wizard to complete structure set-up.
If you need to adjust a structure, click the edit link to the left.
Steps 1 and 2 allow you to configure the structure. Steps 3 to 6 concern configuring the scheme itself. Read more about completing a scheme here: Maintenance Prioritisation (VFM) 5 – Scheme Option Analysis and Selection (Tier 3) - Completing a scheme