Maintenance Prioritisation (VFM) 3 – Element Level Analysis (Tier 2)

To carry out Tier 2 Element Level Analysis, first click on the Prioritisation (VfM) item under Planning & Maintenance on the Actions Menu.
Then click the Element Level Analysis (Tier 2) option link under the Initial Prioritisation section.
The Tier 2 page will open, use the Financial Year filter to select the year your wish to analyse.
The grid below will show the list of structures that have been analysed for individual element risk. If one or more elements belonging to a structure is classed as at risk then the structure is considered to have Failed.
Structures that have failed will be shown in red font.
To view the individual results for each element on a structure, click on the arrow to the left of the structure you are interested in. Elements considered to be 'at risk' will be shown in red font.
If you need the full workings and analysis for each element click on the Details tab. The Secondary Priority List is the list of Failed structures.