Inspections - Adding Appendices to an Inspection Report print out

When you add an inspection report to BridgeStation you may need to add additional appendices to the report. These may include General Arrangement Drawings, Photo Location Plans and Defect Diagrams.
You can do this by using the document management system. First open the inspection and click on the Inspection Files tab at the top.
Next, click the Upload Files... button and browse to the appendix you need to add
Make sure to complete the Document Type and select the appropriate matching list item. In the example below a Photo Location Plan is being added so the type Photo Location Plan is selected.
The following Document Types will be shown in the appendices:
  1. General Arrangement Drawings
  2. Photo Location Plans
  3. Defect Diagrams.
Finally, to ensure these appear in the Inspection Report print-out the files added will need to be images. Accepted file types include; jpg, png and bmp.