Elements - M&E / Comms : Editing a hierarchy

To edit a hierarchy, first click Elements in the Structure menu
Next, click the Edit elements link
Click on the M&E/Comms Elements tab
You'll be presented with the M&E/Comms locations and systems in the Tree View tab.
An element wizard is included to assist with building element hierarchies. Click the Add/Edit Element Wizard button to begin
You are then taken through a series of steps to assist with the edit. Step 1 allows you to add the systems you require. Use the checkboxes and the <<Add button to add in more systems.
Step 2 allows you to manage the locations on the structure where the systems may be present. Not the same system may be present in multiple locations, and sub-locations can be added if required.
To add elements, first select a location during Step 2 and click the Next (add elements) button to move to Step 3. Step 3 will show you the available elements from your applied systems on the right. Use the checkboxes and the << Add Selected button to apply an element from a system to a location.