Elements 8 - Building a complex multi-span structure [Tutorial]

Use this guide to switch a structure's element hierarchy from a simple single span arrangement to a multi span one.
The first thing to do is to check which hierarchy level is currently applied to the structure. The 1C hierarchy level is required in order to build a complex multi-span structure.
The hierarchy code displays to the right of the Elements folder in brackets.
If the code shows a 1C...
then you can jump to the Edit the multi-span element hierarchy instructions. If not follow the instructions below to switch levels.
First open the elements page.  In the Modify Inventory section you will find the Switch to other compliant hierarchy inventory type option. Click the link to begin the switch.

From here you can select the hierarchy level to which you wish to change to. Click the option button next to the level you wish to change to. Your existing level is deactivated and unavailable for selection.

First open the elements page.
Then select the Edit... option.

The Edit Inventory page will open. From here it is advised to build one span's element hierarchy then make use of the Copy tool to build the remainder of the structure's hierarchy.
A span will be added to the Spans/Element folder. Left-click the Span to activate the Add panel.
Use the check-boxes to add the elements you need to the span.
Next, use the copy tool to duplicate the span you just created. Left-click the Span, the Copy button will activate.
The copy tool will copy the span itself along with any of the elements contained within.
You can continue to add copies of the spans as many times as required. Then make use of the edit element details panel to change the element descriptions.
You can add sections to a span. This is useful if you are trying to represent a bridge that has been widened for example.
First click on the Span you want to add a Section to.
Then in the Add Elements section, check the Section element and click the Add Selected button.