Life Cycle Plans (SAMPT) - Create/Edit Scenario

Select a Start Year and click the Create New Scenario button on the Life Cycle Plans (Toolkit) Administration page to begin.
First complete the scenario details at the top of the page, including a Title, Start Year and Strategy.
The Strategy drop down includes descriptions for each of the strategies if you need them. To complete a WGA return, please make sure to select the Unplanned Reactive strategy option.
Next, its time to add structures to the scenario. You can create scenarios with only a handful of structures included, or run a scenario with your entire structures stock added.
Use the Add Structures link to pull up a dialog where you can add structures to the scenario one by one.
Once a scenario has been configured it must then be analysed. Click the Analyse Scenario button to begin. The View Output Report button will only activate if an analysis has completed.
Once the scenario analysis has complete then the View Output Report button will become active.
Click the button to View the Output Report.