BridgeStation Mobile Inspections - Introduction and System Requirements

The BridgeStation Mobile Inspections App is available for all existing BridgeStation subscribers on Android and iOS.

The BridgeStation Mobile Inspections App is an onsite data collection tool for the users of  BridgeStation (Advanced Bridge Management System). It is designed to enable inspectors to collect and record element level structure inspection data using phones and tablets.

The app helps to improve efficiency and data quality by reducing the time spent in the field, and providing a number of inspection friendly features.

Key features:

Offline mode - complete an inspection without a data connection
- Previous inspection data - condition and photographs included for review
- Defect Code Picker - faster identification of codes and descriptions
- Use the device camera - quickly take defect photos and attach them to individual defects
- Upload inspection data to BridgeStation for final review and submission

System Requirements

You can download the BridgeStation Mobile Inspection App for:

Android devices

with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and newer (see how to find your Android version here):

iOS devices

with iOS 10.3 and newer (see how to find your iOS version here):

Access Codes and Registration

To use the app inspectors must be issued an Access Code for each device they wish to use BridgeStation Mobile with. Contact your system administrator for more details on issuing Access Codes.

More details here: