Inspection Planning 8: Managing Inspection Costs

To begin managing an inspection programme user first need to access the RBI Administration page. From here users can click the Manage Inspection Costs link.

A grid of structures and their inspection costs will display. Use the filters at the top of the grid to refine the structure listing. Each column can be used as a filter. Filter types include check box filters such as Structure Type;

There is the option to edit each structure's inspection costs one by one. To do this click the Edit button to the left of the row you are interested in.

You will then be able to edit the PI Cost, GI Cost, PI Access Cost and GI Access Cost. Click the Update link to commit your changes.

Alternatively users can make bulk updates to the inspection costs. To do this click on the Bulk Update link at the top of the page.

A dialog box will appear, complete the required costs and click the Update link button.

This will apply the costs to all structures that have been filtered out in the grid of structures. To keep a particular cost type intact leave the input box blank and the costs that are already in place will be kept.