Inspections - Inspection Schedule / 6-Year Programme

This module can be accessed by clicking the Inspection Schedule / 6 Year Programme link under Inspections on the Actions Menu.

The grid includes the previous 6 years, current year and future 6 years inspections.

The inspection icons are colour coded by inspection type.
The inspection status is then shown as a dot at the bottom left of the icon.
If a cell has an icon followed by a number, then more than one inspection is due for that structure in that year.

By clicking on an inspection icon you can view, edit a particular structure's inspections for that year. You can also create new inspections and delete unwanted ones.

You can also schedule a new inspection by clicking the + icon within a particular cell, selecting the Inspection Type, Planned Date and completing Special Instructions.. if relevant. Click the Schedule Inspection button, then Update and Close.


Why is there a '?' and what does "Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types." mean when you try to edit the inspection type?
Stewart Smith (2/16/2016 at 2:53 PM)