Inspections - CSS Inspection Proforma

Adding an Inspection Proforma

To add an Inspection Proforma to a structure, first, open the structure you are interested in. Click the Inspections item on the Structures Menu.

Click the Add Structure Inspection button to add a new form to the structure.

The proforma will be added under the planned grouping, to begin with, and the inspection details opened so that the user can make inputs.
Alternatively, you can use the Inspection Scheduler to add new inspections to a structure.

The Inspection Proforma Tabs

At the top of the inspection form are the inspection tabs, use these to upload inspection files, complete sign off tasks and complete hazard and environment sheets.

Inspection Sign off Summary

At the top of the proforma is the Sign off Summary. This section summarises the current sign off status and provides a button to submit an inspection for sign off.
You can read more about the Inspection sign off process here.

Inspection and Structure Details

Complete the Inspection Details section, including inspection type, inspector name and inspection date.
The Structure Details section does not need to be completed. This information is pulled directly from the Structure Details tab and relevant Element Details pages.

Element Conditions

Use this section to record severity and extent against each element along with comments, priorities and cost information.
The proforma follows the elements folder. Elements that are not included in the elements folder in the structure menu on the left will not have a corresponding row on the Proforma. This should remove from the form unnecessary/irrelevant element rows.
With regards to multiple elements of the same type, this is also handled. You may have identified for example multiple Primary deck elements and transverse beams. If these multiples have been added to the elements folder then the elements will automatically be added to the form for you.


Updating the Element List

If you need to go back and update your hierarchy, you can still do this. Follow the instructions for editing an element hierarchy then reopen the inspection and click the Update Element List button to have any freshly added elements included in the inspection proforma.

Adding Multiple Defects

If you need more than one defect row for any one particular element you can add an extra row using the buttons just to the left of the Element No.

Adding Defect Photos

Defect photos can be added in two ways. For both methods, you need to click Def Pic (Defect Picture) link in the column on the far-right.
1. Upload new photos to the defect by clicking the Upload New Photos tab. Click the Browse... button and choose the relevant photo.
2. Link photos that have previously been uploaded to the inspection by clicking the Link Existing Photos tab. Check the photos that you wish to link to the defect
then click the Link the selected photos to this element button. The photos will be removed from available photos on the Link Existing Photos tab and appear in the Upload New Photos tab. 
If you need to unlink a photo, then find the photo you want to remove, and click the unlink icon

Adding Defect Codes

Click on the def codes cell to open the defect codes picker. The complete catalogue of defect codes and severity descriptions are included. If you need to you can still type the defect code into the input box.

Inspector's and Engineer's Comments

Separate comments sections for both the inspector and the engineer are available right below the Element Conditions section.
A reports section showing the suggested remedial works from the element grid is just below the Inspector's/Engineer's Comments.
Click Update to refresh the list of elements that need works. You do not need to manually build up the Works Required list, just make sure that the elements where works are required have their Works checkbox ticked and a Remedial Works comment completed in the Element Conditions section.

Generating Defects Automatically

Use a one-click process to generate defects straight from your Element Conditions grid. Defects will be automatically generated where the condition row has their Works checkbox ticked and a Remedial Works comment completed in the Element Conditions section.
You can read more about Defect Details here.

Printing/Exporting an Inspection Proforma

You can export a PDF or Word version of the inspection report. Click on the Print icon top-right on the page, and select the format you require.
You can read more about exporting/printing inspections here.