Risk Based Inspections : Potential Failure Mode

To view a structure's potential failure mode score first open up the Structure's RBI Information.

The potential failure mode score, FMs takes account of the potential mode of failure e.g. brittle or ductile failure. The scores shown in Table 8 should only used when the CPI
Crit is selected as the current condition. If CPIAv is used then FMS =0










Failure Mode 






Brittle, or non-ductile, materials will not undergo significant plastic deformation before breaking. Failure of a brittle material occurs suddenly, with little or no warning. Structural materials that are generally brittle include concrete, cast iron, stone and timber.

Ductility is the measure of plastic (permanent) strain that a material can endure. A ductile material will undergo a large amount of plastic deformation before breaking. It will also have a greatly reduced cross-sectional area before breaking. Structural materials that are generally ductile include steel and aluminium.