Risk Based Inspections : Magnitude of Failure Score

To view a structure's Magnitude of Failure Score first open up the Structure's RBI Information.

The magnitude of failure of a structure and/or its element(s) depends on a wide range of factors; significant criteria where data is readily available are the condition and dimensions of the structure and/or the elements of a structure.

Failure is not necessarily the collapse of the element/structure, but may be failure of drainage elements or expansions joints which affect the function and durability of the structure.
As such, the Failure Score of a structure is based on:
  • The size of the structure, i.e. span length for a bridge, footbridge, culvert, gantry, chamber, pipe subway, subway, tunnel and vault; and the height for a retaining wall river wall, mast and catenary lighting.
  • The potential extent of failure, e.g. local damage or global collapse.










Span Length or Height 

Extent of Failure 

≤ 3m 

> 3 to ≤ 10m 

> 10 to ≤ 25m 

> 25m 

Local damage  10 10 10 10
Structural collapse  40 45 65 85