Inspection Planning 5: Managing groups

IMPORTANT: This module is intended to be a decision support tool and should not be solely relied upon for determining the inspection interval, i.e. a certain degree of engineering judgement should be applied while putting the model output into practice. It is advisable that the module is operated after the report 'Risk Based Inspection for Highway Structures', which explains, in detail, the adopted methodology and the intended use of the model, has been carefully read and understood.

Use RBI groups to build lists of structures which are to be inspected at the same interval. Define the group's Principle Inspection interval to keep certain structures together throughout the inspection programme.

To begin managing an inspection programme users first need to access the RBI Administration page. From here users can click the Manage groups link.

To create a new group, first complete the Create New Group section. Specify a Maintaining Area, Group Name and you can also add some Notes. Click the Create New Group button to add the new group to the Structure Group listing.

To edit the group itself, including adding structures to the group and setting the interval, click the Edit link button at the end of the Structure Group listing.

There are two sections on the Edit Groups page. The Group Details section allows you to update the Area, Name and Notes, but also specify the Group Interval and the Group Interval Start Date.

Users will need to set the Group Interval and the Group Interval Start Date in order for the grouping effects to be seen on the inspection programme.

The Structure List section allows you to build a list of structures that are to become members of the group. Click the Add Structures to Group button to begin. 

A pop-up window will appear.

You can use the filters at the top to shorten the list then the check boxes beside each structure. Click the Add Selected Structures button to add them to the list.