Inspection Planning 3: Developing a New Scheduling Scenario

To develop an new inspection programme first open the Scenario Administration page and click the Develop new inspection programme link at the bottom.

This will send you to a page where you can select the Authority and any Maintaining Areas you want included in the scenario as well as the start year.

Users can also specify a Title for the plan and Notes/comments to go with it.

Click the Generate Programme button to create 4 inspection scenarios for comparison: Time Based PI & GI, Risk Based PI & Time Based GI, Risk Based PI & GI and a copy of Risk Based for custom alteration.

There is a checkbox option to add in superficial inspections onto any years where a a GI or PI aren't scheduled. This ensure all structures are inspection in some form each year and is optional.

The generate new programme process will only add structures to the programme which are defined as being part of one of the selected maintaining areas and have a Risk Score available for the programme to be based upon.
The user will be taken to the view inspection programme page. A programme row is created for each inspection type for each included maintaining area. An additional set of rows for each inspection type is created each of which totals all maintaining area programmes. These are referred to as Maintaining Area: All.
From here the user can view/modify the scenario.