Inspection Planning 6: Viewing the RBI Reports

IMPORTANT: This module is intended to be a decision support tool and should not be solely relied upon for determining the inspection interval, i.e. a certain degree of engineering judgement should be applied while putting the model output into practice. It is advisable that the module is operated after the report 'Risk Based Inspection for Highway Structures', which explains, in detail, the adopted methodology and the intended use of the model, has been carefully read and understood.

To view the reports associated with the Risk Based Inspections module, first head to the RBI administration section. Click the Reports link.

This will send you to the Risk Based Inspections : Reports page. First select a report from the drop down.

A grid of data will appear. Users can use the filter controls within the column headers to narrow the resulting columns.

To export the report, first pick an export file type the click the Export link to the right to receive your file.