Tunnel Document Management System (TDMS)

The TDMS is a repository for important tunnel documents. Files are organised into folders and can be searched, downloaded and updated.

Follow the instructions on the Tunnel Listing and Tunnel Map article to open a Tunnel File, then click on the TDMS tab at the top of the screen. This will open up the document management system for tunnel file that has been opened.

Use the Folders Menu on the left to open up a particular folder/sub-folder. Use the and icons to expand and collapse groups of sub-folders. Click on a folders name to display its contents. The folder/sub-folder hierarchy cannot be edited.

Once you have selected a folder to view two sections will display on the right. The Folders Section includes options to rename or archive the folder.

With appropriate permissions for your account you can also create your own sub-folder or child folder within an existing folder. Complete a name for the new folder and click Add child folder to...

Below this is the File Listing. Click on a Document Title to download the document, or click on the Edit button to start editing the data associated with file.

Additional operations are available to be applied to the documents in the file listing. These include the ability to archive files, add files to your personal watch list, view any previously archived files as part of the file listing and finally move a file(s) to an alternative folder.