User Administration - Searching for user accounts and exporting a list of accounts

The User Administration section can be accessed from the Actions menu on the left. The User Administration section allows permitted users to modify other BridgeStation user accounts, set expiry dates, reset and unlock accounts, deactivate unwanted accounts and create new ones as needed. 

Left click the User administration link to access the module.

Searching for user accounts and exporting a list of accounts.

There are four user account statuses:
Status  Description
 Active Accounts with access to the BridgeStation website.
 Locked Accounts are locked when 5 failed attempts have been made to login to the website. These accounts must then be unlocked by a user administrator before they can be used again.
 Expired When an account is created an expiry date is specified. Once this is reached the account can no longer access the website. User administrators are able to extend these dates.
 Deactivated Accounts with no access to the BridgeStation website. Accounts can be deactivated or reactivated by a user administrator at any time.

Use the name box and status check boxes to filter the accounts to be displayed. If you want to a list of all the deactivated user accounts for example, check the relevant box and click the Search button.

To export a list you have generated click the Export to Excel button.
A dialog box will prompt you to save or open the list. Once you have done this you will be able to view the list in Microsoft Excel.