Elements 3 - editing an element hierarchy

You can edit an element hierarchy by first clicking on Elements on the Structure Menu.

Click the Edit an existing compliant inventory option on the Modify Inventory section of the page.

The Edit Inventory page will open.

Adding Elements

The elements available to add depends upon the folder or icon selected on the left. In the example below for this 1C2A hierarchy a Span icon must be left clicked first before you can start ticking the Add box next to the element you wish to include in the hierarchy.

You can also specify the quantity of the element you wish to add by typing in the corresponding number in the input box next to the tick box.

Finally, click the <<Add button to add the element to the selected destination.

Copying and Moving Elements

If you need to copy and element or a Span/Section full of elements you can use the Copy button. A complete copy including the Element Details will be added to the Inventory. First click on the Element, the Copy button will active. Click the button to create your copy.
If you need to move an element or group of elements (Spans/Sections), first click on the Element, the Move button will active. Click the button to begin the Move process. Please note that you are only able to move elements when the hierarchy level is set to 1C.
Next select the destination you would like to move your element to and click the Move Element button to complete your move.

Archiving an Element

If you need to remove an element from the hierarchy left click the icon of the element you wish to remove. Then click the Archive button in the Element Details section.

Deleting an Element

An element can be completely deleted once its been archived. Note: only elements without inspection history can be completed removed from BridgeStation.
Find the element you wish to delete in the archive and select it
Click the delete button.